I made today's 11 miles hurt. I made my body work as hard for these miles as Kannon's is working to fight for health and recovery. Every stroke in the pool is a prayer; every pedal on the bike is hope lifted. My legs were burning. My shoulders were on fire. And my heart is full for this sweet fireball who WILL overcome. #irunforKANNON #ir4
If you think of it, would you say a prayer/light a candle/send peace and health to this sweet little monster, Kannon? I run for him, and he's been sick a good 3 weeks now, and getting worse. With Down syndrome and a battery of other conditions, it's just so hard for his little body to fight off infections you and I grumble about for a few days. He's a fighter, but he could use all the prayers he can get. Thanks! I❤️KanMan. #irunforkannon
Happiness, Day 3 [3 thankfuls, 7 days, 2 new ppl tagged daily] >> 1) That I get to spend my days with this castle-building, castle-jumping, castle-destroying Godzilla monster. Not all moms get (or want) to stay home with their babies. I'm so grateful that I'm getting what I want. 2) Thankful for a husband who works hard to provide for us, so I can stay home. 3) Thankful for my body that can run, and yoga, and do simple amazing things like fight off illness and basic injuries. Not everyone's body can do that.
Jump over the castle! #toddlerness
Still one of my all-time favorite messages I've ever received. Wh-huh!?! #modernorderbride
Splash pad fun day! #toddlerness #summerness
The only weeknight television that justifies this boy staying up late (after a long nap)? #AmericanNinjaWarrior #boyness
So much for "I didn't bring your swim clothes so no beach today..." #beachness


unless1Today, I read some people talking about how absolutely certain they are that Jesus would never ever hire a homosexual, and how appalling is the very thought.

And I got confused.

Because The Story of God as read in the Bible involved the “employment” of habitual adulterers (Abraham, David, Israel, etc), prostitutes (Rahab, Mary Magdalene, Israel), murderers (Moses, David again, S/Paul, Israel), greedy thieving tax collectors (Matthew, Israel), violence-prone ear-cutting-off-deniers (Peter, Israel), hot-headed zealots (James and John, Israel), idolators (Israel, Israel, Israel)…

You know, all these blatant sinners who, despite meeting God over and over, kept right on sinning and also kept right on being covered by His blood, which necessarily either covers all or none.

So… I’m just thinking that among such company in God’s “employ,” a monogamous gay person might be the least of His concerns.

It’s not about sinners, anyway, or about sin. After all, The first Adam lumped us all together as “hopeless, Unless…”

It’s about Jesus, the Other Adam… the Unless.