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The Thing About House Shows Is…

…they’re not just about giving private concerts to a select group of uber-special people (though they are that, too). They’re about fellowship. Storytelling. They are, to me (as an artist), the quintessential picture of the Church as it was back in the Day. People gathering to eat, talk, share burdens, and be lifted…through music and message and hope and just being together.

I love house shows because even when I enter the home of someone I’ve never met or even spoken to, I leave with a few new Great Big Family members. I have new friends I know will listen if I need an ear, and who know I’ll listen too.

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Your Little Heart (new song)

I wrote this song for Elijah while he was still baking. I even mentioned it here. Tonight, I got to sing him to sleep with it. It looked like this:









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midnight melodies

i’m awake in the wee hours of the morning more often than not these days, just not usually to make up songs for my to-be-born son. but tonight, that’s why i was awake: to sing to the boy in my belly a little hope i have for him. so i thought i’d share tonight’s (this morning’s?) lyrical melodies before morning dawns and with it brings the sensibility to wait, let the song linger, decide if it’s just right, and probably not share.

because for tonight, it’s exactly the prayer i muttered for E…with a melody you might get to hear later.

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Stronger Than You Think

It’s taken me a while to get a live video worthy of posting, but thanks to the superb videographic talent of our good friend (and tour host for two days), Mason Taylor of a’tris, we finally got a good one last night (11/14/10) at our Traveling Troubadours tour stop at The Living Room in New York City.

“Stronger Than You Think” is near and dear to my heart, and it’s my hope that it reaches yours as well. Watch, listen, enjoy, share, comment. I’d love to hear what it means to you.

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Check it out. Listen, enjoy, share, tip.

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