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ExaggerAmy Strikes Again, Again!

“May all your expectations be frustrated, May all your plans be thwarted, May all your desires be withered into nothingness, That you may experience the paralysis and poverty of a child, And sing and dance in the compassion of God Who is Father, Son and Spirit, Amen and Amen.” (Larry Hein)

Preface: My nickname is “exaggeramy.” For obvious reasons.

That said. There are certain things in this life that drive me more insanely bonkers than almost anything else. 

They are: 

Loud, obnoxious chewing. Whether or not you were born in a barn, general human decency and social order dictates that you close your mouth while chewing your food. When you defy said law, and proceed to show me your food while forcing me to hear the rancor of your eating it, I have no choice but to assume you are actually a cow, or worse, a giraffe. 

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The Tomb, The Womb, The Imposter, and The Beloved

God is in the kitchen.

I know it if by no other fact than the myriad themes running through my life, iterated by everyone from friends to my therapist to our pastor to daily Scripture to the devotional book I randomly found gathering dust under my bed.

The Tomb. The Womb. The Imposter. The Beloved. The Labor Pains. The parallels woven throughout.

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WELCOME to the New & Improved!

Hello hello hello! So, as you can see, we’re in the process of revamping and rebuilding and reintegrating and re-uh…-doing the whole thing. We like WordPress. They’re amazing. And so, we migrated everything making this the end-all of stuff.

Peruse. Read. Listen. It’s all right here, so enjoy!

Love Love.


Light and Shadows

Sunday, July 15 2012: Teaching from Colossians 2:15-17, our pastor spoke on what he calls “God’s shadow activity.” For over 25 years, as a professor and expert in theology, he has tried to make sense of the God we see on the Cross -who abhors wars and violence, taught us to turn the other cheek and sacrifice ourselves in love for even our enemies, and expressed that core truth in the most inconceivable way when He suffered a God-forsaken death by crucifixion – and the God of the Old Testament who seems, at times, to have been a genocidal, ethno-centric maniac who commanded Israel time and again to slaugher hundreds of thousands of men, women, children, infants.

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Going on Strike!

I think it’s time I strike. That is, take a hiatus. I should specify: An online social networking hiatus.

About this time last year – okay, to be a little more precise, it was about one year and one week ago – I shut down the MacBook Pro and handed my profiles (and I have way too many of them) over to Husband. He promptly changed all my passwords, and I spent a couple glorious weeks offline to await (and then endure) the miraculous birth of this guy: our first son.

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