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underCover: “Lovesong”

About a year ago, my brilliant guitarist husband (Paul Koopman) and I worked out what we think is a great cover of The Cure’s ageless wonder, “Lovesong.” 

I’ve always been moved by the song’s simplicity. Lyrically, it’s nothing terribly fancy, and yet it says everything we want to say to and hear from our lovers. Full of that agape/eros love that’s totally invested, utterly vulnerable, and completely unconditional.

However far away…However long I stay…Whatever words I say…I will always love you.

There’s this magic to it. This real-life base that cautions even as it guarantees: We won’t always be together, some times will be shorter than others, and in the together and apart, I will absolutely inevitably say things that hurt you… 


I will always love you. 

These promises are tucked into the reality that is Love: When I’m alone with you, I’m whole and at home. I feel young and wild, like a kid in a candy shop. I feel free. And clean. 

This song is the epitome of the hope inherent to Love.

There are songs every songwriter wishes she wrote, and this is one of the grandest for me. If I had written this song, I’d feel no need to ever write again. It says everything, perfectly. 

We love the song. And so we who never cover songs decided we ought to cover it. And we ought to make it as emotive and vulnerable as possible. 

And thus, we give you our cover of “Lovesong.” 

From the Ground Up

For a good long while now, I’ve been admiring my friend Jen Woodhouse’s incredible creativity from near and far. She’s a gifted singer/songwriter, an incredible mother, a phenomenal cook, and – dun dun dun – she builds stuff. Like, really really cool stuff. Not just weird crap. She builds massive Restoration-Hardware-esque end tables and wine cabinets.

And I jealously wished I could do it too. Then she introduced me to and her thousands and thousands and thousands of DIY plans for every imaginable piece of furniture, and I thought, “Huh. Maybe I could do something like that.”

Plus…well, I’m a stay at home mom, and sometimes, just sometimes, I worry that I’m not really contributing enough to our house and home. And this…well, this was a way that I could do something. Something that not only saves us money (it’s significantly cheaper to build a knock-off Restoration Hardware bench or a dining room table or a headboard than it is to buy one, as it turns out…) but can also maybe become an heirloom for our kids – the product of our own sweat and sawdust, a lesson on how to live simpler lives using our own hands.


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